Sea Scout

Sea_Scouting_(Boy_Scouts_of_America)is a part of the Venturing program that the Boy Scouts of America offers for young men and women.  Anyone from age fourteen through twenty-one who is willing to abide by the requirements of BSA membership, including agreeing to live by the ideals expressed in the Sea Promise, Scout Oath, and Scout Law is eligible to join a Sea Scouting ship.  Sea Scouts also learn and subscribe to the Venturing Oath and Venturing Code in addition to the Sea Promise and Sea Scout Mission.  The advancement scheme for Sea Scouts places an initial emphasis on nautical skills before encouraging the youth to take a major role in planning activities in the unit.

Sea Scouts—Ship 26

The skipper of the Ship is Joseph Mandara, a member of the squadron.  In addition to teaching traditional maritime skills, our youth are trained in scuba diving.  The unit is strongly involved with oceanic environmental issues.  Our program operates and is enriched by our affiliation with several organizations such as Hempstead Bay Power Squadron, Scuba Network, DAN (an organization devoted to diving medicine and safety and REEF, a coral reef environmental organization. Sea Scout Ship 26 is one of two units which serve Nassau County.

Hempstead Bay Power Squadron sponsors Ship 26.